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Bitcoin Cash Price Leads the Index as Market Recovers to $400 Billion

The cryptocurrency markets continued to advance on Thursday, but today’s returns were far more muted than the euphoric leap that greeted investors on Wednesday. The rally was largely concentrated among large-cap coins, and the Bitcoin Cash price posted far-and-away the top gains of any top-tier cryptocurrency. Altogether, the cryptocurrency market cap added approximately $11 billion, enabling it to once again climb past the $400 billion barrier.

Bitcoin Price Extends Its Recovery
The Bitcoin price rose for a second consecutive day, eventually reaching a present value of $8,481 on cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex. This works out to a single-day increase of about four percent and provides Bitcoin with a market cap of $142.7 billion.

Ethereum Price Targets $850
The Ethereum price charted a similar course to Bitcoin, ending the day in positive territory despite a fairly-pronounced early morning dip. Ethereum is now trading at $833, which represents a 24-hour increase of about two percent and give the second-largest cryptocurrency an $81.5 billion market cap.

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