Bitcoin Price Soars to All-Time High Beyond $1,750

Bitcoin’s strong showing through May continues as prices continue hurtling through uncharted territory. On Tuesday, bitcoin price hit a global average all-time high of $1,753, with prices up 8% over the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin prices trends are sticking with recent patterns as trading activity in Japan continus to push the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency in an upward spiral.

Since the turn of the month, bitcoin has put on $350 from trading $1,366 an all-time high at the time. Altogether, bitcoin price has gained over 750% on the year in what has been a dramatic five months for the cryptocurrency.

The week began with bitcoin trading at $1,553.38 on Monday (Bitstamp Price Index). By midday, BPI topped $1,600 to quickly approach $1,650. At 09:00 on Tuesday (UTC), bitcoin broke beyond $1,700.

At the time of publishing, global bitcoin prices are averaging around $1,730.

Trading in Japanese exchanges led the global market with a third of the volume. Data shows an intriguingly increasing appetite for the cryptocurrency in South Korea, which came third after the USD trading pair, beating the traditionally voluminous trading markets of China.

Bitcoin’s rapid rise coincides with a marked increase in investor interest toward alternative cryptocurrencies, contributing to a soaring rise in the value of the entre cryptocurrency ecosystem that has now topped $50 billion.

Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Dash have pushed ‘altcoins’ to rise from an overall market cap of $2.2 billion on January 1 to $23.2 billion, a remarkable 1050% increase.

Some traders and speculators have firmly suggested the price tear to be the making of a bubble.

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