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For Arms Exports Gold Linked Cryptocurrency, Suggests Russian Lawmaker

For Arms Exports Gold Linked Cryptocurrency, Suggests Russian Lawmaker, A senior Russian lawmaker has suggested that Moscow should turn to cryptocurrency, backed by gold, for payments in Russian arms exports to evade financial sanctions from the west. Prominent lawmaker Vladimir Gutenev, first deputy head of the economic policy Committee at the State Duma (the Russian Parliament’s lower chamber), has urged the Kremlin to suspend treaties with the United States amid an escalating policy-war. In April, the Trump administration talked up new sanctions against Russia as punishment for the latter’s involvement…

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Hong Kong bike-sharing start-up Ketch’up sells stake for Cryptocurrency

Hong Kong’s fifth-largest bike sharing startup has sold 60 percent of its stake to invest in the cryptocurrency market, or two ERC20 tokens to be exact. Ketch’up Bike, a top five bike sharing company in Hong Kong that oversees more than 1,000 bicycles, has sold a majority stake in its venture for $1 million to purchase a bulk of two tokens called JPAY and CyClean. Created by researchers and developers from Samsung, Episode Games, KAIST, and Princeton, CyClean is a blockchain project that enables consumers to rent bicycles, electric bikes,…

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Japan Internal Affairs Minister Denies Involvement in Crypto Exchange Under Investigation

Seiko Noda, Japan’s internal affairs minister, denied having an interest in a cryptocurrency company under investigation and interfering in that investigation, according to a report in Asahi Shimbun. As a Cabinet minister, Noda could be accused of trying to influence a government investigation. Noda acknowledged that one of her aides was present at a meeting on Jan. 30 during which a Financial Services Agency representative explained the agency’s position on regulations governing funds raised by issuing cryptocurrencies and other topics. The FSA warned the unnamed company on Jan. 12 that…

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Encrypted Email Company Tutanota Supports Donations in Cryptocurrency

Tutanota, a provider of an encrypted email service, has begun to accept donations in bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash and monero in order to test payment processing using cryptocurrencies, the company announced in a blog post. The German firm noted that it wants to support decentralized payment systems that are independent of centralized processors such as credit card companies and banks. The company believes decentralized payments could support an anonymous email service for human rights activists, whistleblowers, and journalists who require special protection. Tutanota originally planned to offer cryptocurrency acceptance last…

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Australia’s First Cryptocurrency Vault Launched By Decentralised Capital

Blockchain and investment company Decentralised Capital has announced the launch of Australia’s first ever cold storage vault for digital assets. The vault was created in partnership with Custodian Vaults, a subsidiary of precious metals firm Pallion Group. According to Stephen Moss, founder and director of Decentralised Capital, the new crypto vault is expected to take advantage of Australia‘s growing market for digital currency storage solutions, and it is a sign that bitcoin is a bona fide long term asset.Following a spate of high profile hacks at major exchanges, resulting in…

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Exchange Coinsquare Plots Asian Expansion By Canadian Cryptocurrency

Canada-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare is plotting a major expansion into Japan as it prepares to go public later this year. The exchange, headquartered in Toronto, announced this week that it had formed a partnership with DLTa21, a “global blockchain investment bank,” to launch a centralized cryptocurrency exchange in Japan. Coinsquare, which operates Canada’s third-largest cryptocurrency trading platform, will provide the infrastructure for the new exchange while DLTa21 which has offices in both Canada and Japan will spearhead regulatory compliance and other efforts at the local level. Upon receiving regulatory approval,…

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South Korea To Loosen Crypto Regulation With G20 Directive

South Korea To Loosen Crypto Regulation, South Korea a country that has banned ICOs, plans to loosen restrictions on cryptocurrencies based on efforts by G20 to create uniform regulations, according to cryptoworld news . The G20 meeting established a July deadline for taking a first step on “unified regulations.” The recent announcement from South Korea is part of a loosening of restrictions on cryptocurrencies as the digital assets become better understood. An official for the country’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) said the regulatory agency is not opposed to cryptocurrencies and…

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Crypto Startup Inoovi Partnerships with Brazilian Football Teams!!

Crypto Startup, According to native news outlet Portal do Bitcoin, the president of Atlético-PR’s thoughtful Council, Mario Celso Petraglia, disclosed the partnership on, saying it as an innovation in Brazil’s sports market. Two Brazilian football teams, Atlético-PR and Corinthians, have reportedly recently signed partnerships with Hong Kong-based crypto startup Inoovi, that recently launched its “IVI” token specifically for the game. Per the news outlet, the partnership offers Atlético-PR a 12-month grace amount to start out exploitation the IVI token and promote Inoovit by adding its name to the team’s uniforms…

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Sold All Their Coins : 40% of Ontario Cryptocurrency Investors

The study, that was compiled by the Ontario Securities Commission’s investor workplace, discovered that at the instant 5-hitter of Ontarians, or around half a million residents of the province, hold crypto assets. Currently, the population of Ontario is calculable to be over fourteen million (over thirty-eighth of Canada’s population). At a similar time, there’s another four of the Ontario population that accustomed own crypto assets, although that was not the case at the time of the survey. Per the survey, that was conducted in Canada’s most inhabited province in March…

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Facebook Is Backpedals Its Ban On Cryptocurrency Ads

The announcement highlights that this is often a revision of Facebook’s cryptocurrency policy, instead of a removal of the policy altogether. Let’s say, advertising for binary choices and ICOs are still prohibited. Facebook has announced that it’s revising its blanket ban on all cryptocurrency advertisements on the social media website. However, cryptocurrency-related services and businesses, similar to exchanges, can currently be allowed to run ads. Within the previous few months, we’ve checked out the most effective way to refine this policy to permit some ads whereas additionally operating to make…

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