After Google Says it will be ads of Cryptocurrency is banned, Bitccoin countinueosly falling down below $8,000

The world largest ads provider that means Google says Bitcoin fell 9 percent, is cracking
down on cryptocurrency.
 Facebook, the world second largest online ads provider, take similar action in January i.e.
Banning of Cryptocurrency ads.
 Some analyst says that the bans of Cryptocurrency ads could be a good thing for the
industries over the long term and blame the price moves on continuously.
Bitcoin prices continuously down or briefly fell below $8,000 on last Wednesday. The worlds
largest online ads provider that means Google, plan to be ban Cryptocurrency advertising.
Facebook, worlds largest online ads provider decided to similar action in January that means
bans Cryptocurrency advertising.
Google announced an updates on Cryptocurrency ads at last Wednesday to its financial services
policies that will restricted advertising for Cryptocurrencies and relevant content.
After Facebook announced it would bans ads on binary options, initial coin and Cryptocurrenncy,
Bitcoin fell 9 percent in the last January. The Social Media users are saying that it should bes
prohibit ads for financial products and services i.e. The misleading promotional practices are
frequently stop.
After despite the news on last Wednesday, Brian Kelly the CEO of BKCM said the crackdown
could be an inside for the digital marketing. A major report of commodity futures on major
cryptocurrecies exchange Bitfinex and its securities for exchange commission asset freeze on
initial coin offering added to negative sentiment that day.
Kelly says, It is a good thing over the industries, Facebook and Google advertising were always a
red flag only for me, But no having any impact on the price. Kelly moves on the downwards
attributes to more global regulatory fears.
When China banned selling of driven Bitcoin, Supposedly next coming 24 Hours Kelly again said,
My view is it will be a nothing burger since China has been banning Bitcoin Since 2013.
Bitcoin prices continuously falling down, its price average between above $11,000 to below
$9,000. Last week a statement given by the SEC i.e. The expanded its security to exchange
Cryptocurreny, compromised the accounts on a major Hong-Kong based exchange Binance.
Another Cryptocurrencies or alternative coins like as Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash moving
towards the lockstep on Wednesday. Ethereum fell 9 percent from the open, According to
CoinDesk it is trading near to $627 and Bitcoin Cash was down 9.1 percent and it was trading near $971. Ripple fell 8.66 percent and it was trading near 72 cents.

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