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Microsoft No Longer Accepts Bitcoin, Customer Support Confirms

On the r/Bitcoin subreddit, it’s all about Microsoft and Bitcoin, as the tech giant seemingly stopped accepting the flagship cryptocurrency, according to various top threads. One points to Microsoft following Steam’s footsteps in no longer accepting Bitcoin. The rumor stems from a Bleeping Computer article that claims the software and hardware giant did halt Bitcoin payments.

On top of the thread, an r/Bitcoin admin stickied a post stating various users tried to find the Bitcoin payment option, but were unable to. His comment notes he believes it’s “clear that small retail payments don’t make economic sense for Bitcoin right now,” and that although everything points to the rumor being true, it is still unverified as there was no official statement on Microsoft’s end.

Another top thread on Reddit claims Microsoft does still accept Bitcoin payments, and that shills are just trying to fill the subreddit with fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). Per this thread, Microsoft allows users to add a predetermined amount of dollars to their balance using Bitcoin, so the tech giant does indirectly accept the flagship cryptocurrency.

So, which is it? To find out, we at CCN decided to try to make a purchase using Bitcoin. We quickly found out the Bitcoin payment option wasn’t there. Refusing to pay with fiat, we contacted customer support.

Does Microsoft still accept Bitcoin?
Chatting with Microsoft’s customer support, we were told the company no longer accepts Bitcoin as a payment option. Notably, the company has seemingly decided to stop accepting the cryptocurrency since July 2017.

Give the unsatisfactory answer we were given, we pressed the issue and were connected to a member of the Higher support from Microsoft’s Accounts and Billing team. He confirmed Microsoft has stopped accepting Bitcoin due to “multiple issues we are receiving with regards to it.” When pressed, he revealed that “there’s no other information cascaded to us on why Microsoft stopped accepting Bitcoin as a payment info aside from the problem processing the payments.”

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