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Banks are Interested Towards Crypto, Await for Regulators to Invest

Rebecca Harding, who operates as the CEO of Coriolis Technologies, a trade technology company that provides services to major banks and corporations in the traditional finance sector, said in an interview with Forbes contributor Billy Bambrough that the vast majority of banks are healthily skeptical and curious about crypto. According to Rebecca Harding, a financial journalist and the acclaimed author of “The Weaponization of Trade: the Great Unbalancing of policy and economics,” major financial institutions are waiting to invest in the crypto market. As Crypto world news reported, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup,…

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South Korea to Double Crypto Taxes, Says Exchanges Are Not Venture Firms

First proposed by South Korea’s Ministry for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Startups in August, the revision to the law called for Korea’s domestic blockchain industry, including cryptocurrency exchanges, to be removed from the government’s official classified list of certified venture firms. In a blow to the industry, the government of South Korea has stuck with its legislative proposal to exclude the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry from being certified as venture firms. As Cryptoworld news reported at the time, the enactment of the proposal would mean that cryptocurrency startups…

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges is Hurting By India’s Lack of Regulation

On September 28, Zebpay officially shut down its popular cryptocurrency exchange in India, unable to obtain any banking service from commercial banks and financial institutions in the country following the blanket ban imposed by the central bank. “The curb on bank accounts has crippled our, and our customer’s, ability to transact business meaningfully. At this point, we are unable to find a reasonable way to conduct the cryptocurrency exchange business,” the Zebpay team said. Earlier this month, Cryptoworld news reported that the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) sent…

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Major Web Browsers to Integrate 3.0 As Opera Has Built-in Ethereum Support

Opera, the fifth most widely utilized browser behind Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari, has added built-in Ethereum support to its desktop app, enabling Web 3.0, an ecosystem that allows users can seamlessly interact with decentralized applications (dApps) and peer-to-peer systems on the blockchain. To utilize Ethereum-based dApps, users are required to have non-custodial wallets like MetaMask to securely send transactions on the mainnet. But, for most casual users, relying on external applications as an additional step towards using dApps could restrict accessibility. As mainstream browsers move towards adding support for…

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India Dell Has Blockchain Ambitions to Driver Server Bitcoin 

In India Dell Has Blockchain Ambitions to Driver Server Expansion

The clientele of Dell EMC India comprises of major local IT firms, banks, financial organizations, insurance companies, and even the government which is reportedly taking a keen interest in the blockchain applications. Technology giant Dell has outlined plans to invest in emerging tech like blockchain to retain its top position in India’s server market. Dell, whose networking and server business model earned a global revenue of $5.1 billion in the second quarter of 2018, believes blockchain could be the ingredient to keep its success untouched. The sentiment, the company recently…

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Squire Announces Samsung to Manufacture ASIC Chips for Canadian Bitcoin 

Squire Announces Samsung to Manufacture ASIC Chips for Canadian Bitcoin Mining Firm

On August 1, 2018, we announced that Squire had engaged an undisclosed arm’s length design fabrication firm to perform the back-end design, testing and initial mass production run of our next generation ASIC chip for mining Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, and other associated cryptocurrencies. We are delighted that we are now able to disclose Gaonchips as our design house and Samsung Electronics as our foundry partner, Squire said. Squire, a Canada-based crypto mining firm, which raised $19.5 million in August to develop sophisticated mining equipment, has signed a deal with South…

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Google Will Work With Regulated Firms In Japan and US As Unbanned Crypto Ads

In March, Google executive Scott Spencer stated that cryptocurrency investments have potential to cause harm in financial markets, leading the search giant to ban crypto ads. Google, the $828 billion search engine behemoth, has unbanned crypto-related ads, allowing regulated companies to utilize its platform to advertise their products. The reverse ban of crypto-related ads by Google has demonstrated the willingness of the conglomerate to work with legitimate projects and companies in the cryptocurrency sector. In June, Cryptoworld News reported that experts in the finance sector including Manchester-based investment firm Blackmore Group CEO Philip Nunn heavily…

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Why Canada is Much Blockchain-Friendly than the U.S. Explained By CEO Bitcoin Mutual Fund

Canada has set the pace as the first government to ever approve an exclusive bitcoin mutual fund. This builds upon its reputation as a friendly environment for emerging technologies. The atmosphere in Canada seems to be freer and more conducive to innovation in this field, based on the numerous developments that the industry has experienced even prior to this time. This is in comparison to its prominent neighbour, the United States, whose Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) upholds strict measures while trying to figure out appropriate regulatory systems for the…

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Cryptocurrency wants Regulation to Survive : Bitcoin ATM CEO

Sheffield Clark, whose company Coinsource recently installed 17 new Bitcoin ATMs in Florida, stated that cryptocurrency is not a viable or realistic payment solution at this time, citing it as a major obstacle to be overcome for all in the space. In an exclusive interview with Cryptoworld news, the CEO of the world’s largest Bitcoin ATM network took a hard stance against those who believe in a world where Bitcoin and its peers can survive unregulated. The CEO pointed out that the “primary Bitcoin ATM customer” comes from the one-third of the…

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In 2019 Australia’s Dollar-Backed Cryptocurrency ‘Stablecoin’ To Be Launched

The first treasury will be based in Australia to support the first partner platforms Bit Trade and Emparta Payments and deliver the first Australian Dollar backed stablecoin, wrote Emparta. Just like has already happened with the US Dollar and the Euro, among others, Australia is about to get its first Aussie-backed stablecoin. This will be made possible by a partnership between Bit Trade, one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia, and blockchain employment platform, Emparta. The two firms will collaborate in designing and launching the stablecoin which is expected…

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