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IBM Submits a Patent Application for Blockchain Database Management System

The patent for “Managing a Database Management System using a Blockchain Database” explains the IBM’s intention to build a reliable database tampering detection system. The proposed system would detect inconsistencies in a set of data stored in a central database concerning a partial copy of the same data stored on a blockchain database.Industry giant and proactive decentralized tech mover IBM has filed a patent for certain aspects of blockchain technology, a newly published document revealed.   To access the system, one would need to initiate an access request to the…

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Blockchain Technology Can Preserve UK £8 Billion : British MP

Conservative member of the British Parliament Eddie Hughes has said that the British government needs a Chief Blockchain Officer to enable social freedom, increase efficiency and rebuild societal trust. In a cryptoworld news report issued today entitled ‘Unlocking Blockchain,’ MP Hughes made a number of other recommendations including an international blockchain competition to encourage talented blockchain developers and proposed a UK blockchain developmental target described as “a longterm aim for government departments to make a 1 percent efficiency by embracing blockchain and other associated technologies.” The 1 percent saving would…

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